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Testimony from Thomas

Testimony from Thomas

After my father left the Navy and being married to my mother at a young age, dad 24 and mom 22 were living in a small apt.

We had an old kerosene stove for cooking that was leaking so before going to work my dad placed a pan under the stove to catch the leak. And I as a small baby I drank the kerosene and when my mom found me I was unconscious and blue, we had only one car so mom grabed me and took me across the street, the neighbor had a corvette and rushed me to the hospital, were the doctors put me in a tent with pure oxygen, I had holes burned in my lungs and the doctors told my parents I would not make it through the night to say their goodbye’s.

then a black woman walking down the hall ask my parents if she could go in and pray for me about an hour later she came out and said I would be alright in a short time I went home with no problems. 

• At the age 4 My brother and I were playing in our fence in trailer lot when I thought it was a good idea to crank the jack down on the trailer like I saw on the TV show (rat patrol) were they crank the warning alarm to get everyone to battle stations. What really was happening was the trailer jack that was on cinder blocks was getting close to shifting off the blocks and the trailer on top of me. Before that could happen I felt the overwhelming need to look up and as I did I saw three angles move like lighting and stop right above and in front of me about 50ft in the air, they did not say a word but the first one shook his head as to say no and I know what we was saying the one next to him put his finger over his lips as to say don’t say anything and be quiet, the one to the right was looking over his shoulder at a ray of light hidden behind a cloud and then as fast as they came they left. 

• When I was about 14, I was with five of my friends at a sand pit/lake 3 guys and 3 girls we were playing a game called chicken the girls on the guy shoulders three teams trying to make the others fall of into the water, anyway what happened was that the girl I has carrying went down first I tripped and fell under the water with her on me she pulled down the others and they all fell on top of me I was under first and running out of air to the point my body was jerking and things were going dark next thing I remember is like a dream of someone pulling me to shore like pulling my shirt that I was not wearing when I fully came to myself I ask the others who pulled me out of the water and they looked at me like I was messing around and making it all up I was so shaken I left and went home by myself. 

• The first time I remember hearing God speak to me was when I was deer hunting with my father and was on a stand by myself being still and quiet as my father trained me to allow the dear to get close and as I was there in the woods being still a breeze blow and I heard in my spirit. What are you doing here? and I knew that there were other things I should be doing, did not know what. (I was about 16yr old).

• There was a time I was leaving work at NNSY to go home but I was going to swing by Chick-Fil-A were my daughter was working to say hello and get a bite I was driving on one interstate to a ramp to go to another interstate (off ramp) and I was on the acceleration ramp when I saw the traffic backed up I was going about 45mph so I was going to stop when I found I had no brakes, I did not want to hit the car in front of me so I hit the curb and went into the air and lander in the interstate lane where I was hit in the side by a jeep Laredo running about 65mph it spun me around and my car started to roll over and over all windows blow out, the car was twisted when the car stopped rolling I was facing the wrong way and many people run up to me and told me not to move and the fire dept. got me out on a board and when I got to the hospital the doctor looked me over and the only thing that happened to me has a little cut about an inch on my left shoulder then the state trooper came to the emergency room and looked at me and shook his head at me and said you don’t understand I have been a trooper for over 20yrs and people don’t walk away from this type of accidents and there is nothing wrong with you I don’t understand it. When my wife and parents came to pick me up from the hospital I was waiting outside and their thought was it must have been a finder bender (small wreck). but When they saw the car they were shaken and upset. . I had a friend from work Larry Slone that walked in the charismatic circle (Church of God) Larry was from west Virginia and a true mountain boy to the core and at the time I was Baptist and we would talk about church stuff and pray at times. There were two times during the years were I would ask Larry Slone to come to our church revivals and Larry would come and He would speak out saying things like praise God, Holy, Holy or would raise His hand to heaven and that was kind of unconvertable to me as well as others but nobody said anything but it was different. Then one day Larry came up to me and said brother Tom I have gone to two of your revivals now it’s your turn to come to one of mine, I said that’s fair Ok I go its was in Henderson NC. At the fair ground or park and it was an all-out tent meeting with saw dust and folding chairs it took me about a hour to get there but when I got there Larry said put your bible in that chair and follow me I said were are we going Larry said we can’t have revival without prayer so we went to the back side of the tent were I saw about 20 people in a circle holding hands crying out loud begging God to move and send Holy fire and save the lost some were jabbering in some noise and sound I heard about this but this was a first for me we Baptist never prayed like that or cried out loud, I hung in there and the service was just as powerful with people getting saved and healed and falling to the ground . this was all strange to me but I did my duty and went home. (Note: this all came back to me later and after I had an encounter followed by salvation my eyes were opened. thank God for the Larry’s of this world). 

• Around May of 2012 The government sent me to Bremerton Washington for 5 months to work at the base and so like a good Baptist I found a good Baptist church Westside Baptist Church Bremerton, I flew my wife and youngest son out to come spend some time with me there and we all went to church together and sightseeing etc. One night 8/7/2012 I was just falling asleep when something thumped my chest and I heard clear You have a form of Godliness but deny the power there of, I did not understand what was happening as I started to fall back asleep it happened again I heard clear You have a form of Godliness but deny the power there of. Three time this happened and this shook me I told my wife that God was talking to me. This happened the next two nights but it was two times on 8/8/12 and one time on 8/9/12 Tue., wed., and Thurs. but Fri. night I received a different message Matthew 7 21-23 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ 
This shook me to the core and I really started to doubt my salvation and was worried my wife was the only one that knew something was going on. the next day Saturday A friend from church took me to lunch and when we meet the owner of the restaurant He told me I feel I am to share with you my story of how God blessed me, His family was living in a SUV and making burritos and selling them to the shipyard workers and He did so well that they were able to open the restaurant and now he was in need of expanding and told me that God loved me. That Sunday at west side church they had a guest speaker from Las Vegas Pastor Postma and his girls 12 and 13yr started singing how deep and wide and great Gods love is and at this time God sent an angle to pure liquid love over my head and I started crying and could not stop the message was about Gods love, I told my wife that I was going up to get saved and I could not get up there quick enough many in the church was surprised that I was getting save they thought I was already saved, I had everyone fooled even myself the next Sunday I was baptized the second time but for real this time.

Two months Later when I came back to Virginia to my home church where I was a usher, many came to welcome me back and I had to tell them what God did about wakening me up speaking to me and pouring liquid love over me and That I got saved and some said you were already saved and just revived but I know the change in my heart and soul was totally different and the pastors wife heard about what I was tell anyone who would listen. The following Wednesday night the Pastor preached on the Apolitical gifts were done away with and God does not work that way today for we have the whole cannon of scripture to lead us etc. but as He was preaching the spirit within me was very uncomfortable and I knew I needed to leave this church for I knew what God did and it was real and true and there was no telling me different.

• This is where the Larry Slone memory kicks in so I started to attend the local Church of God after all it was good enough for Larry it’s Got to be good for me I realized I was becoming one of those charismatic like in Henderson NC. I know I had to find out more about this Penacostal believe.

• First off the music was a lot different and they did not use hymnals and they had drums and guitars and no organ and piano and people were standing with hands in the air it was like being in a different country it took me about a month to lift my hands up past my chest no less dance like others were doing. But as time went on I stop thinking about what others were thinking and focused on what God was thinking after I broke through that barrier I was full on worshiper and there was no stopping now. It was the speaking in tongues that was hard for me I saw others doing it and if it was of God I wanted it. People prayed for me and nothing week after week this went on for about three months and nothing I was thinking what’s up is this real or not.

• After the three months the Government was sending me to Charleston SC. And when I got to my hotel room I closed the door I told God I am tired of hearing what man had to say for I have heard some preachers say it’s not for today and other say you are the same yesterday today and forever and we can have and do it all and I need to hear what you have to say and I will not eat a thing till I hear from you and if Idie I die! So I went to work mon thru. Fri. with just water to drink I had the weekend off so I sleep in but when I got up I started worshiping Kari Jobe revelation song was on and I felt a rumbling and a flow coming up out of me so I opened my mouth and just started speaking what sounded like an Arabic language then it went to a native American to Asian language this went on for about an hour strait and when I stop I was crying and asking God to forgive me for doubting Him and that I wanted everything He had for me. (at first I thought I was going to have to fast another week to do this again but as soon as I tried it came out.

• For about three weeks after this gift every night on each side of my bed post foot board I could see two columns moving like DNA strains folding and unfolding then it stopped but one night about a month later as I was in Bed praying and thanking Jesus for saving me a hole opened up in the ceiling and I could see the stars then about two months later I was sleeping and Jesus showed up in my dreams I saw something out of the corner of my eye and turned and Jesus was just standing there watching me with a look of enjoyment to be there I started asking Him many questions of all the things that I wanted answers for in repaid fire one after another but He just was looking at me and was listening to me with love, joy, peace and all that he is showed in His eyes and He said three times low after a little while medium and the a little while louder James chapter 4 and verse ten. Then I woke up went right to my bible and read James 4-10 Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up I know what He was telling me that the answers to all were a process and a breaking off and learning humility. ( oh I could not get over the blue sashes the colors were alive and radiated out ward and His eyes full of love, hair shoulder length, white robe average height (blue collor type build like a carpenter would have tan skin) I called my wife right away and told her about the dream encounter not knowing if she believed me or not but when I got home she gave me a plackard with James 4:10 on it that was a great gift for me. My wife got on to me for spending over $300 at the Christian book store on charismatic books on the gifts etc. I could not learn fast enough I wanted to know about it all. One time I was at books-a-million and as I walked up to the Christian book section I saw a Black man looking at the Bibles so while i was looking at some books He walk over to me and introduced himself as a pastor from connedicut here to speak to His dyeing brother in SC. He told me that God just told Him to tell me that I have a call on me and that it would not be like most that the Holy Spirit would move on me and I would be called in such a way that I would be attacked from within the church and as he said this He chopped at my legs with his open hand and said stand strong for God would be with me and as he turned and walk away he stopped after a few steps and said oh don’t worry about your wife for Gods got that. and then he gave me his contact info and left.

• Mike Wilson a friend I meet in Charleston SC and I were going to go to a Kim Walker Smith concert in Columbia SC The night before as I was praying I felt in my Spirit that we were to get there early to pray for a break through so I call Mike the next morning and He felt the same thing, After we got there mike got into line to save your spot in line but I started walking around this building praying in the spirit none and non-none language I would stop at the corners and ask for angles to stand guard and hold back any attack from the enemy and that the holy Spirit would have free rain and that the youth would have life change encounters. On the third time around the building wearing my prayer shawl when two men (angles) touch each shoulder at the same time and ask what are you doing after I told them they prayed with me and they said its time for us to leave so I started walking about 10 steps and turned around and they were gone and I could see about two blocks. After the concert was over a lady came up to me and thank me for praying and she started to walk away. 

• After I came home I started going to Hope university it was a church that was teaching on the gifts on Wednesday nights the gifting started slowly for me it was there but I did not understand them It started with me as I would pray for people I would feel what they were feeling I started to understand the flow work best in humility, hunger and compassion this took me staying in a place of prayer and confession as I would seek it out and pressed into. praying in the spirit was like putting gas on the fire and other gifts started to develop. Word of knowledge and wisdom as well as discernment of spirit. I also at times see what’s coming I am still praying for the gift of healing only a few reports of progress so far pressing in.

• I was seeking for a deeper level of seeing and hearing so a friend and I did a soso session were at first not much just trying for break thru as I started to forgive others as the holy spirit showed me things then I had a vision I will have a hard time putting into words but I saw papa God standing in the middle of His clock it was as far as the eye could see there were some pieces as big as sky scrapers moving but not touching and some pieces as small as atoms moving around but not touching but all pieces were working together like a many times better than any Rolex watch and it did not make a sound. Papa was wearing a Hawaiian shirt shorts and sandals and as he looks at me He said relax I got this then I heard all things work together to then that love God and are call for His purpose. (I know no man sees God and lives but this as though it was a limited or impart I don’t know I just know he was showing me something impart as being shielded I have no answer for this) right after this to the right I see this huge about 50-foot-tall angle with breast plates and white clothes but it looked like what a roman soldier would wear, He was looking straight ahead past me like an English palest guard would but different He had a scroll in His hands but the seal was like silver but vary fancy but a seal, He look over at Papa and then look back He pushed down with his thumbs and it opened up He pulled it to show the writing impart it looked like Hebrew writing I said to Papa I don’t understand it and He said it’s not time for you to understand and without a words I know it was my future and as soon as I understood this Papa’s face lit up He jump up and spun around as a joyful dance like David in front of the ark I then seen a room with chairs I think about 7 and empty I knew somehow it was for people I would meet in the future I then was standing or a brazen alter on fire but not getting burnt and then I look and Jesus was standing with me I then was like on earth looking up and saw a cloud forming into a lion’s head and it opened its mouth and a mighty wind came out of its mouth that was the end.

• In 2017 I had a dream I was being drafted and was to report to a flight simulator class for the military was looking for people that had what it took to fly the F-35 stealth fighter I was wondering why I was there because I have never piloted an aircraft before but this officer was not listening to me He said sit at this simulator and we will test you the class looked like it could hold about 60 or so people before the class started a man walked in and looking at me said I hate you and I will kill you as he was walking by (very demonic) so before the class started I was praying and ask the Holy Spirit to help me fly and pass the test. After the first day the trainer came up to me and ask me about my flying back ground I told Him I have never have piloted a jet before then with a confused look He told me I scored higher than anyone has before ever. So after the training was over they said that all that past the class would receive a F-35 fighter jet and the rest could leave so all that pasted the class got their jet but I did not get called so I spoke up and ask I thought I scored higher than anyone and the instructor said you did and you get the new and improved proto type we only have one of them you get that one. The next thing I know we are flying and I can hear and see the other jets but they could not see me I heard the demonic Guy say to 9 others all flying f-35 say who ever sees him let the rest know and we will all shot and kill Him. So I am still flying by the spirit and I ask Holy Spirit what should I do and He said take them out so I did the jet was flipping and spinning and rockets flying off and all 10 jets were shot down then I ask what do I do now and I heard drop down below the clouds and then I saw an aircraft carrier waiting and I landed. 

• In 2018 I had a dream or vision I was in an all-white room floor, walls and ceiling all white and I felt I was in a church then I heard I door open behind me so I looked over my shoulder and seen some one walking very fast pace in a white robe with a hood on His head as He walked by me I known it was Jesus He did not look at me was on a mission, He went the front and then I saw a table and He flipped it over and turned around and look right at me His eyes were filled with tears and his lip was quivering and He spoke out loud and said my bride is playing the harlot giving her affection to the world fulfilling the lust of the flesh She is not talking or spending time with me and I have given Her everything as he held out His hands to show the nail holes I love Her with all my heart, She is sick and I come to heal Her, I will raise up David’s to replace the Saul’s Men after My own heart and they will work in signs ,wonders and miracles and the Saul’s will not be able to stop this I will separate the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares and send the fire to burn up the wood , hay and stubble and purify the gold ,silver and precious stones it will look like lighting and sound like thunder. Fall on the corner stone or be crushed to powder by the stone. I am on the move!

• After being lead to go to Big House Church I became a member of the prayer team that works in gifts and prayer for those seeking or in need. One time when we went to a palm reader- teller /card reader conference we had a booth and ministered to the people seeking answers. A woman came up to me knowing my name that I have never seen before I had the impression that it was the power of darkness but the spirit in me was given me peace and covering to talk to her and after a little while I saw Her face turn to a man’s face for just a second or two but know it was a manifestation of a spirit , Then I felt a Holy boldness come on me like a blanket and herd from my right side behind me Greater is He that is in you the He that is in the world the I heard test the spirit I ask Her who do you say Jesus is and Her surprised face and shocked look She answered the question with a question and said why do you ask that? Not willing to answers. Later I ask Papa why and what was that all about and he said you needed to see what you will be up against and will see it again but you will know my power and boldness will be on you.

• (history info) I was 5 or so when My Sunday school teacher at Diamond Springs Baptist church ask doses anyone want to go to heaven and live with Jesus were the streets are made of gold and not go to Hell and burn forever with the devil? Raise your hand high and pray the prayer Jesus forgive me of my sin and save me so I can live with you and not burn in Hell amen. Two weeks later I was baptized and was told that I was a Christian and just had to go to church and read my bible. The thing is I did not feel any different but I had bible knowledge (head knowledge) (Greek mindset) and That’s what I was trusting in I would be under conviction of sin and ask for forgiveness, I believed in God as one that watch over everything and everyone and if you did not follow the bible or rules he would punish you and you would have to ask for forgiveness to get relief from punishment. I did not know about His love and relationship. Ahead knowledge not a heart relationship as Papa. That’s why when I would sin I would think back and remember the prayer and just ask for forgiveness I could not get the victory over my sin in my own will power I would sin and repent then sin and repent all not knowing Gods love and relationship. A head knowledge was not good enough. Jesus said no man came to the Father unless the spirit draws Him and it has to be what He did and is doing not what we do or pray. not by works or religion but by the finish work of a loving God.