Personal Prophecy

Personal Prophecy

Dear people,

1 Corinthians 14:5 (NBG) reads: “I wanted to be, that all ye speak with tongues, but better still, that ye profiteered. Who prophesies, is more than who speaks in tongues”.

As you can read in the Bible, God speaks to everyone. Therefore, also to you. Everyone is capable to hear the voice of the Highest. But as for every gift of the Holy Spirit, we have to train it. So we will become more mature in the understanding of God’s voice and leadership in our own lives or the lives of others around us.

The purpose of prophecy found in 1 Corinthians 14: 3 (NBV) , “But someone who prophesies speaks to people, and what he says is constructive, comforting and encouraging”.

This makes it clear; prophecy is always based on encouragement, consolation and to build up the people. In other translations we read here the word is also the word “reprimand” What could imply that it is a tap on your fingers. But it means a loving, comforting way of stimulation.

In 1 Corinthians 13:9 (NBG) we read: “Cause knowing us is imperfect, imperfect is our prophesy”. New Testament prophecy is therefore not infallible as we read here, it is imperfect.

We can imagine that you are currently in a situation, in which you clearly like to receive God’s leadership, direction, encouragement and consolation. We want to take you in prayer before God’s throne and receive the “impressions” that God, through the Holy Spirit, want to give to us on your behalf.

If you need it, You can contact us. You will receive by mail the words that we’ve received for you.

For those who still have no experience with the prophetic we give some directives below:

The received word should at all times be geared to the written word: the Bible. Prophecy can never be in contrast with the written word of God.

The word should also be geared to your heart, does it click with your heart? Or perhaps it clicks with your heart later?

Personal prophecy, often concerns your personal life. It can be a revelation that gives you insight in what’s happening now. But prophetic words are not directly intended to take important decisions. Always let the Holy Spirit lead you in this.. Be led by His calmness and in His calmness.

Personal, New Testament prophecy, is always conditional. It is and remains your responsibility in what degree of obedience you walk with the Lord.

New Testament prophecy is not perfectly.

You will find some Prophetic words that we’ve handed out below.

Meet our team for the people how can speak and read English,  below each team member ,you will find the request forms, for your own personal prophecy requests. 

Deze aanvraagformulieren zijn dus ook bedoeld voor de Nederlandse christenen, om eventuele verwarring te voorkomen ;-).Aanvraag persoonlijke profetie een van de onderstaande formulieren.

Because of the huge amount of requests, choose ONLY ONE teammember who will minister to you!

CAUTION !!!We will not take in your request, if you request on more than one of the teammembers at the same time.

You will find the forms of the members of team below:

Currentely we have  Asahyle availabe.

If you are blessed by this website and our ministry you can sow in the minstry of Godsfreedom:

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